Keen Infotek,Inc. 's test philosophy is that software testing has to be driven by business critical objectives. Keen Infotek,Inc. has evolved its Testing Processes, addressing Project Management as well as Technical aspects. The testing model is therefore risk-based and focuses on delivery of business value expected.

Keen Infotek,Inc. 's comprehensive testing framework includes four core services:

  • Testing Strategy Consulting Services
  • Independent Integrated Testing & Validation services
  • Test Process Consulting
  • Testing Audit Services

Key testing phases include:

  • Idea verification
  • Business Case and Concept validation
  • Architecture and Design testing
  • Unit testing, Integration testing in the small
  • System testing, Integration testing in the large
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Production staging environment
  • Business Value Realization verification

The benefits of business-centric testing include:

  • Realization of expected business benefits from technology solution deployment
  • Improving time to market
  • Architecture and Design testing
  • Optimizing Costs
  • Ensuring quality through better processes, tools and techniques and appropriate risk management
  • Improving system availability levels, and reducing production support efforts