The Application Maintenance service includes maintenance and enhancement of applications and comprises:

Preventive Maintenance: Keen Infotek,Inc. helps clients minimize the need of corrective maintenance by getting to the root of recurring problems and fixing them. The results are reduced costs, increased availability, higher performance and improved end user satisfaction.

Perfective Maintenance: Perfective maintenance is about improving the quality of applications through design enhancements. While managing our customer's applications, Keen Infotek,Inc. gains an in-depth understanding of their business processes and IT systems, and recommends and implements modifications for enhancing the functionality and performance of the systems.

Adaptive Maintenance: Changes in the business world are continually forcing companies to find better ways of doing business. Keen Infotek,Inc. helps customers in taking advantage of change whether it's market driven, technology driven or regulatory in nature - by adapting client's IT systems to handle it. Keen Infotek,Inc. 's adaptive maintenance solutions enhance applications so that they can respond to evolving business needs.

Corrective Maintenance: It quickly and effectively resolves a problem that interfaces with the system's ability to get the job done. Using tools and techniques, we quickly isolate and resolve problems before a solution can be identified, find a way to work around it to get the system back and running as quickly as possible