Technology Re-engineering is aimed at prolonging the life of assets by making various changes to the applications and systems to provide increased advantages without major capital outlays. Keen Infotek,Inc. has four kinds of re-engineering offerings: Re-host Application: Addresses migration of applications from one technology to another for enhanced benefits and is a technology driven initiative for modernization of the application. Re-architect Application: Restructures existing application architecture to offer increased functionality and capability. This includes, for instance, web enabling and re-architecting of applications to N-Tier architecture.

Renovate Application: Addresses application architecture and design changes such as:

  • Modularization, abstraction and encapsulation
  • Performance tuning
  • Validate requirements and fitment by means of prototypes and demos
  • Re-structure application
  • Business component abstraction

SOA Enablement: Creates Web services-compliant interfaces within a service-oriented architecture for applications (legacy, packaged as well as bespoke).